Tuesday, August 30, 2005

how fare the lovers

I am not after race or creed?

But the eyes?

Who was it who said that the eyes were windows to the soul? Consider this. Two lovers, separated in death by Fate. Their last glimpse of the other, their eyes. And before their last dying breath, a promise…

“…I will search for you….”

No goodbyes. we will be together again, he vows- Before the darkness sets in. then he lets go….

D a r k n e s s
N i g h t

A gasp. He is born again into this world… and with each passing day, memory returns, of something precious lost. And… a promise to be fulfilled.
He remembers.

… and as each day passes, searches- into the windows of the soul.

Can he find his other?

How will fare the lovers?

We shall see.


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