Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i'm getting even- HAH!

Is it the 21st of December already?

I hate to say this, but entering Christmas, my spider-sense is tingling like crazy.

Right. I’m not Spiderman. Sooo far from it. I hate arachnids, and I don’t have bug-eyes, and I don’t have a red skin- with a web design. I also don’t eat flies- and I’m not saying that Peter Parker does…. But, well, you get the idea.

The point is, nowadays, I’m finding myself to be a wee bit irascible. okay, it's a little bit bigger than wee. biggwer. irascible- by more than a wee bit. Maybe Scrooge-level irate. Or maybe the word that's more apt is: annoyed.

I know, I know. It’s the Holidays-get some Christmas spirit and all- that I should quit being a Scrooge and everything. But is it my fault if, as we get closer to Christmas, isweartogod- I’m feeling that everybody’s out to con me?

Take a fer instance. Remember that wonderful tradition we’d love to call our own, the one we call caroling? (No, not the one where you pursue Carol….) It’s now being bastardized to death.

Tell me if this isn’t happening to you. Mornings and nights, from the 16th of December, people knock on your doors, and ring on your bells- but they aren’t your friendly Electrolux men.

They give you envelopes; and tell you that they’ll be back for those envelopes on the 22nd, or the 21st- wait, isn’t that tonight?

They tell you that they’re from this NGO that helps poor kids; they’re from an association who builds shelters; they’re nuns. I tell you, the list is endless.

Anyway, so because they’re helping humanity, may they now have the envelopes they gave you yesterday so that they can be on their way, thankyou.

I mean, I’m lucky if they’ll offer to sing carols. Most of them just get their envelopes and say their byyourleaves.

Even the postman does it. And the people who deliver the bills. What if I don’t give them money? They’ll refuse to deliver things to me ever again? Or till X’mas 2006 comes rollin’ round?

Sigh. And you can’t even check up on them easy. Their addresses say that they’ve offices in Las Pinas (I live in QC), or Paranaque, or- godhelpme- Bulacan. Aargh.

I’m fighting back. hah! I’ve had it. Tomorrow evening… I’m putting all the lights out_ and locking the doors... and I'm going to... pretend that I’m not home. HAH!


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