Tuesday, August 30, 2005

monday blues- on a tuesday

i'm having the monday blues on a tuesday.

despite the three-day weekend, i wasn't able to do much.

ay, i Was able to bum around Much; but that was the end of everything.

were it only that we could turn back time.... how often have you heard that?

but if you consider how short a time we have in this world (not necessarily implying that there's another one- world, or life), it should strike each of us as being weird. why isn't everyone making like their world's ending?

maybe because it's not. or maybe because at a life expectancy of 6o-something, being 30, or 40, or 50- that's still a long way off from 60-something.

but then, we've to work to live. we can't enjoy life however short it is because we have to suck up to our bosses and our clients so that we can earn pay. i don't know where this is all going to, but we're all going to turn into dust in the end, and me_ i have to go to work. (why do weekends have to end?)


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