Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2am random

not yet sleepy, but my brain's already turned itself off.

why am i writing on my blog?

i just finished conjuring a twenty-page Motion for Reconsideration. (conjuring! because i don't recall how it got there... here, i mean here, on my desk.) i don't know if it's any good; though i did feel like it was okay this morning.

i drove my mother to the hospital this morning.

why do we suddenly remember how precious anyone is after we run smack dab (wham-bang) into Mortality.

as it is, she's only there for a check up. (but she felt faint this morning. and for the past couple of weeks.) i'll be picking her up tomorrow. (my father and brothers were with her tonight.) i hope everything'll be okay.

wednesday! it's wednesday today! how did one and a half weeks of vacation go by so fast? i didn't realize that i was having fun (that time flew).

ah. i remember thinking how wonderful it was to be doing nothing for a change. no deadlines to beat; no cramming for class.

for the moment.

should i have to begin cramming for next week tomorrow? or should i instead cram everything i planned to do for the break in the three... four days remaining of the Holidays? sigh.

why do we have to go to work/ classes on the 2nd? isn't that a bit too early?

what does a moviebuff do when he rues everything in the cinemas (currently)?

when will Narnia be shown?


blessed sleep- claim me.


Blogger Dominique said...

Ah, don't worry. Another couple of weeks and Narnia comes out. Hang in there!

12:06 PM  
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