Monday, September 19, 2005


taken a fancy to friendster. i couldn't have imagined.

time was when i'd rue everyone who got into the bandwagon. there's something about the bandwagon that disturbs me. it's bad enough that most people plod through life in a perpetual zombie state that they have to adopt this attitude of having to do what most everyone else does. take a fer instance. rats off a sinking ship.... oi, that's not a good example, haha. maybe my caffeine fix hasn't wired my neurons enough yet. gotta get more coffee....

where was i?

oh, yeah, friendster. my profile tells me that i have 25 friends, or 18, depending on its (the site's) mood. 25! that's pathetic. even an old classmate in highschool who bangs his head on a wall whenever the teacher asks him a difficult question has more friends than that. maybe if i start banging my head on wall i'll have more friends(ters)? quick, somebody ask me a stupid question!

having my caffeine fix. what do you do when you suddenly realize that you've been living half your life confused? i don't know either. but it's leaving me more confused, that's what it's doing.


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Blogger LK said...

It depends on how you define friends and friendship. Not all of your so-called friendsters are really your friends, I guess. I do get a kick out of reading personal testimonies though.

1:07 PM  

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