Friday, September 09, 2005

things i learned

Pushing 30. Things I learned along the way.

Not necessarily in order.

1. If you have work and you can do it today, do it.

Otherwise, you’ll wake up one day and find that you have to not sleep for 48 hours just so you can keep your deadlines. Plus, you’ll avoid getting that Memo asking you for a Show Cause- why you’re not submitting your work on time. (You save time on composing your Show Cause.)

2. Don’t just keep friends, keep on adding to them.

You’ll never know when you’ll need help and it’ll be just your luck that there’s this one friend who can bail you out. Of course you should also…

3. Help your friends when you can.

A friend in need…. Of course, adages are what they are. They can grate on the nerves with mere repetition. But think about it. If they’ve existed for so long, then there must be a grain of truth to them. Personally, I’ll want to stick faithfully to numbers two and three because I don’t want to have this bare service when I die. That would be embarrassing! I mean, who’ll stay and talk about your good points (bad deeds go like old soldiers and fade away), and eat your cookies, and drink your tea, or coffee? No one!

4. Plan your life.

Life is short. Maximize. That trip you’ve always been wanting to take? Don’t just wish for it and relegate it to some vague time in the future. Plan it. Set a date. You can’t keep yourself holed up in that cubicle for the rest of your life. That would be boring. And before you know it, if you don’t just go take that trip, you may just find yourself sadly out of time to do it. But of course…

5. You can’t always plan your life.

There are too many variables that could go wrong. You know about the butterfly effect in Chaos? One flap of a butterfly’s wings and a storm is set in motion across the Atlantic. Have a back up plan. Or, do the best that you can with what you got.

6. When things go wrong, give yourself time to grieve, then dust yourself off and Move your friggin’ ass out of your rut.

Things go wrong. That’s a rule of life. Can’t make it go away. It’s like saying, you’re going to get hungry later. Or you’ll need to sleep. It’s one those things that are inevitable. Shit happens, that’s okay. Everyone gets theirs. Learn a lesson, then move on.

7. When things go wrong, and you think you’re so sad and lonely and God’s forsaken you, don’t freak out man, someone’s got it worse.

Somebody’s always bigger than you. That goes the same with your problems. Someone’s got it worse. Believe me. Someone out there can’t find anything to eat (and he hasn’t eaten for a week). Someone out there was left by her boyfriend for someone ugly. Or someone uglier.

8. Keep a dog.

When the whole world seems out to get you, you’ll have someone to talk to. And comfort you. Someone you can hug. And she’s not expecting anything in return. (Oi, but you’ll have to feed her, of course.)

Hah! I don't always stick to each one of these. Maybe when I'm oldER. For the moment, I have to compose my Show Cause. My boss is going to kill me!


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