Thursday, September 01, 2005

sleeping too much

whoa! i've been sleeping too much!

i slept at 2230 last night, planning to wake up at 2247- i needed to draft a motion to declare a defendant in default plus a million other things- i didn't, instead waking up at 0400- and promptly slept again. i finally woke up at 0435. pressure building. i didn't have anything else to do but heed the call of the morning and push my butt into gear.

seated down, working on the Motion- after opening a template for a Motion for Default, i'd realized that a simple Motion wasn't enough. i needed to allege a few other facts that i didn't have command of. i'll need to go to the court tomorrow to ask for a certification from the clerk of court. (today, i have to go to the caloocan rtc to file one more- one less?- motion. those are on top of the other things i have to do for school, like Study.)

why does time seem so short? why do we need to sleep? why couldn't there have been thirtytwo-hour days, the extra eight hours given to us, for sleeping?

ogod. maybe i just need to plan my life more.


Blogger LK said...

I suppose the mantra, "I'll sleep when I'm dead", wouldn't work for you.

Just looking at your to-do list makes me feel tired. I'm lucky I still have command of my time. Wow, I never thought I'd feel that way about this 8-5 job.

Just hang in there.


11:14 AM  
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