Saturday, September 24, 2005

pursuing law

i'm currenty working on two labor cases (among other cases that are active). being new to law practice- i'm still only an intern- i'm slowly getting a feel as to how the legal system works. in the colloquial, you can describe it as, "IT SUCKS".

i have two cases that we've won in the lower courts (administrative agencies, specifically) but which are lingering in the appellate court because of so many motions that our opponents are filing. in law school, we're taught how the law works, and how we can apply the law to the facts and vice versa so that we can win cases. in practice, you somehow wish that you were all taught how to collect instead.

it can be very frustrating. these two cases (and these are only two in a file- and only because i'm working on them TOday) were filed in 2001. last time i checked, it's already september of 2005. four years and the winning party still hasn't been able to collect. in one of my cases, the opposing party keeps on filing dilatory motions; in my other case, my client's opponents are getting ready to abscond.

sometimes, you have to ask, where is the justice in all this? probably buried somewhere beneath these motions.


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