Wednesday, November 02, 2005

barely coherent

If it were any year other than 2005, today would be a holiday.
I was complaining to everyone I knew since the weekend started that this year’s holiday schedule was all mucked up. One more reason for the dwarf in Malacanang to resign.

And yet somehow, in hindsight, I’m hard pressed to blame anyone for this schedule. Ramadan will be ending on the 4th; if we’ll hold the 2nd as a holiday, which it is, traditionally, we’ll be having a one day work week. I can already hear the businessmen complaining. (Though I definitely won’t be.)


I’m anxiously waiting for the NBA games to start. The second game for the 2005-06 season will be airing Live in a few minutes (the first for the season is on NBA radio). I’m also waiting for Color Coding to lift, so that I can hurry to the Office of Legal Aid to rush a letter that I’ve to send off to a client.
I also have to examine an Order from a court denying two Motions of mine. Bad news received over the weekend is bad enough, receiving it with an extended break looming is murder on the nerves. I've to see the Order so that I can cook up a remedy in time. With the extended weekend a day away, it may prove difficult for me to look for someone (my SL or our Director) to check and sign my pleading. My ass will be in hot water if I miss a court deadline.

Or I could just stay at home and try to relax. Why shouldn't I let the next intern (for the second semester) handle this problem? After all, I'm not that sure that I'll get the same cases that I've had this past semester.
But my conscience is harassing me. You created this problem; you’ve already made an earlier booboo concerning the same client (I submitted a Motion to Set Pretrial prematurely). Might not it more proper for you to do everything in your power to remedy it? Not a minute to spare.

I know I’ll have to make mistakes with law practice, especially now that I’m only allowed by the good graces of the Supreme Court (student practice, through the Rules of Court) to practice law, but it would have been easier on my conscience if no third party would have to be affected.

I guess that settles the debate on whether I should take myself to task for my denied Motion. I’m going to the Office of Legal Aid immediately after Coding lifts. Of course, I’ll try to see if I can still watch even a few minutes of NBA basketball (Spurs-Nuggets).


I spent the last few days lamenting the fact that I don’t have enough money to buy every book I want to buy.

Some years ago, I was under the illusion that I could. Credit cards can do that to you. Of course, until now, I am still paying, with interest, everything I bought for the last eight years. That helped me wean off my dependency on credit cards permanently.

Credit cards addle your brain. If you’re not strong enough mentally- and I’m not- you can go walking around believing... that you'v a bottomless wallet. It’s probably akin to that feeling we all have when we’re teenagers, when we think we’re indestructible. We’re not. And we can’t really buy everything with plastic. We’re only suspending payment to the items we pick up until we’re billed.

Which reminds me. I owe my brother around 4k on a pair of glasses I had made for myself. I didn’t have any ready cash then, and he offered me the use of his credit card to buy the pair (which came with free sunglasses). Thankgod the bill hasn’t arrived yet. I still have to pay some money for tuition, and my thirteenth month pay hasn’t been released yet. Here’s to hoping that it will be. Soon.

Where was I? Ah, lamenting.

I was lamenting the fact that I couldn’t buy every book that I’d taken a fancy to.

I spent the last couple of days prowling Booksales. Sunday, James, Jun, (my friends, not the disciples) and I went to the Araneta Center to watch a Ginebra game. We couldn’t get in. The whole coliseum was at a Standing Room Only. Even the scalpers ran out of tickets.
I was a mixed bottle of emotions. I was happy that the PBA was finally starting to regain its former glory, if even for Ginebra games- and I was disconsolate that the three of us weren’t able to get in. We just looked around for some restaurant that had a teevee. Shakey’s usually works out, but not that time. We finally found a teevee at Burgoos.

After Burgoos, we drifted over to Fully Booked (Gateway). Heaven. For a moment. Until I remembered that I hadn’t any money on me. I came crashing back to earth.


I got myself a copy of a 1999 National Geographic yesterday. The issue featured genes and the Universe.
I used to have a subscription for the magazine, but after I started seeing three-month old copies of NatGeo selling for less than my subscription rates, I promptly started thinking: stop subscribing. Must be how NatGeo earns its moneys, through discount sales.


Sigh. At the end of a long weekend, and at the cusp of another, my thoughts are barely coherent.