Thursday, December 29, 2005

counting down to Monday, or: doing nothing is an art

Wednesday. I have exactly one- you read that right- ONE day to read and study what I should have... read and studied during the Holidays. One day. Because on Friday till Saturday, I'll be in Pangasinan, enjoying the fresh air, and the night breeze... the night sky, my nephews and nieces. Nowhere near studying. (But first, I'll be doing what I usually do after a long drive: Sleep.) On Sunday, well, I'll be sleeping. Ü

And yet...
... what else are the Holidays for but to while away in indolence.


Scoured Powerbooks for something I should buy. I'm currently on ... Mulvaneys (Oates), ... Sepia (Allende), and ... Geisha (Golden), but I thought I needed one more book for me to be able to say that this Break wasn't a complete waste of time.

What Did I do during the Break? Nothing, mostly. Isn't that what the Holidays are for?

And that doesn't only apply to students on a break. I remember when I was still working full time. When the Holidays arrived, work was half-hearted. Because Christmas and the New Year ensured several holes in your pockets (assume you Have pockets), construction projects (we Construct) hovered in the general area of Zero. Thus, the whole staff was generally constrained to... Minesweeper and Solitaire. (Me, I was emailing most everyone I knew.)

The point...? Ah. It was 15 minutes to closing time and my mind was too fried (I spent the whole day in the hospital with my mother) to have to choose between Hollinghurst, Hagedorn (Jungle), and a handful of other books in my ToBuy(-ToRead) list which I couldn't fried... Find. Which I couldn't find. (Fried, I tell you. Hay.)

The Gangster We Are All Looking For (Le Thi Diem Thuy)
The Dogs of Babel (Parkhurst)
The House on Garibaldi Street (on the Mossad_ by someone or other)

Then I saw Midnight's Children (Rushdie).....

Three minutes left before the store closed.
Wanted it bad a few years ago.
Booker (winner).
I had money (-Most important)

Paid for it. Now if only I had time to read it.... Them. Read them.

During the break, I also had time to reacquaint myself with the PS2. I didn't really want to come into contact with one. I was afraid I'll get hooked and do nothing else. (You couldn't pry me away from my Family Computer. Haha.) So I didn’t buy a unit. But my brother did.

Anyway. I found that I still had a measure of control over my playing. Of course, it helps much that all I play are PrinceofPersia games. Hah.


Doing nothing is an art. That's what Sonya (of the Garden, in Tagaytay) has been heard to say often. I've yet to master it.


Blogger LK said...

Aha, that's why you were in the vicinity of Makati yesterday!

I only went back to work today to celebrate the end of another back-breaking year with the rest of the "whores". There'll be games (games, Oli, games, of the parlour and musical chair variety), food and drinks, and revelry all-around. I'm going to partake of all the merriment and jump at the chance to finally show everyone how delightfully silly I truly am.

Oh, and the family reunion, believe it or not, will be held at our house this year. I'm going to hide my Xbox unless I want a horde of squabbling, button-mashing cousins wreck my precious D-Pad---I still have an NBA Championship to win.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Talang Pula said...

a championship! what team're you using? hahahahaha. angCute. =)

games? yuck. =p

9:51 AM  
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