Sunday, February 19, 2006

Run-over, mudslid, and a trophy

Sad news from this side of the UP Fair. Word has been going around that a high school student was killed in the fair grounds. I have to warn you that this is unsubstantiated, meaning that I don’t have a source to name- or maim, if it’s not true. But I texted and asked everyone I know and everyone confirmed that it was true.

From the accounts. A boy was lying down in the Sunken Garden, sleeping behind a Pajero (from other accounts, it was an F150), when its owner decided to leave the Fair grounds by backing up….

Everyone swears this story is true. If you have a link which confirms it, I’ll sure appreciate the URL. (Thanks.)

In sports news, the Red Bull Barakos won the SanMig Fiesta cup Sunday evening (Feb 19, 2006), and I’m waxing sentimental about it.

Finally. I don’t know what to say about the Leyte mudslide. I’m sure most everyone has already gone on and blogged about it. I offer my condolences. For those who want to offer help, I think MLQ3d knows where, how we can help.

Even your local parish, for those who are Catholics are accepting donations.


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