Thursday, January 19, 2006

rare week day

it's the rare week day when the amount of effort that's needed for you to slog through it is: zero.

no class at noon. the prof needs to meet with some clients. though i have one at 4pm, it's one that i really won't have to study for because i'm not on-deck for recits.

woke up at 0800, which isn't normal for me. i'm usually a morning person. my consciousness seeps in at 0530. (my IQ and civility creep up after it, but only after i'd have downed my morning's worth of coffee.)

since i woke up at eight, my head's flashing warnings of oversleeping. i should have myself rewired. is that possible? (what counts is the number of hours you slept, not the hour of awakening.)

what to do?

being the NBA fanatic i am, i scanned the schedule of games for the day. hmmn...

nets v philly
washington v the magic (tragic?)
phoenix v the clips

okay. good games. i'll be online till way past noon, checking on the scores. sigh.

saw Rumor Has It (Aniston, Costner, Ruffalo, Maclaine) last night. what can i say? it wasn't much of a rumor. all i could think of as the movie progressed was, wow, Jen's using the Brangelina thang to beef up her acting. which acting was... passable. though i couldn't help thinking that she looked considerably older than her Friend's days. which is just me being moronic. (of course she's older.)

meanwhile, mark ruffalo was being... mark ruffalo. seems like he acts the same way in all his movies. of course, it doesn't help any that the first time i saw him was as a detestable (for me) detective in In the Cut (with Meg Ryan, where she had a nude scene... i think). but, yeah, see for yourself. ruffalo in 13 Going on 30 (Garner), Just Like Heaven (Witherspoon), and Rumor.... it's the same ruffalo in each one.

let's just say that Rumor... is an SM movie. or an Ever movie. meaning, i wouldn't be caught dead paying upwards of a hundred pesos for it. watch it on a nice, clean cinema... that's it.

Family Stone (McAdams- i love her, Parker, Wilson, Mulroney, Daines, Keaton) is better fare. though you can deduce how the movie will end from the getgo, it's a lot of fun sitting through the plot and subplots. when a lot of writers will tell you that the ending's the hardest part to get right, in ... Stone, since the ending's one that's to be fairly expected, the road to the end is what counts. much. and the telling of the story's okay. (my lack of a caffeine fix is limiting my vocabulary to okay.)

sigh. beautiful morning. 'morning. =)


Blogger LK said...

How about Ruffalo in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Not the same Ruffalo.

Oh, and love McAdams too, however, in The Family Stone, she was at her snarky and ditzy best as she was in Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers and Hot Chick. Clearly, in danger of being typecast so let's hope more Red Eyes and Notebooks come her way instead.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Duke said...

I haven't been updated with my movies. I've been meaning to watch a lot of new movies but I end up thinking twice and not going to the theaters.
My gosh! you wake up at 5.30 and 8.30 is already late????? INSANE!

7:44 PM  
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