Thursday, April 27, 2006

God wants me to panic

If you'll ever need a panic person, I’m your guy.

My teevee went on the fritz two weeks ago, its picture suddenly going blank. Great. Must be God’s way of telling me to panic for the Bar this early.

What do you do when you suddenly have a TV that goes radio on you? I tried talking to it, asked it nicely to show me pictures. I tried threatening it. I tried seducing it with a lady TV. Nothing worked. In frustration, I gave it a whack at its back side. The picture came back.

But that was only for a week. And after a few hours, the picture would go off again. Maybe it suddenly decided that it needed a vacation. Maybe even just so that it could take away some stress. Last week, my TV decided that it wanted a permanent vacation. No amount of hitting made the picture come back. Since I decided that I don’t want to listen to TV sound all day, I called my father and told him that the TV’s broken. He answered, “Okay. I’ll buy you a new one.” (Yahoo.)

So, the universe will, every once in a while, apologize for giving you fits and do you favors. I personally thanked the Heavens. In my dreams. In real life, I don’t think I can get to heaven without forsaking… real life.

So my father had a Kolin teevee delivered to the house. After two days, it switched itself off. I couldn’t get it to turn on again. Maybe it joined my old teevee on a vacation. This was getting really annoying. It was as if the whole of TVDom decided that it wouldn’t let me watch teevee till maybe September, or maybe for the rest of my life. (I’ll make a report of this in November.) Maybe God did want me to panic for the Bar already, I don’t know.

Yesterday, I went to the store where my father bought the TV and asked that it be replaced. They agreed. It was a dead set, they told me. No amount of threatening will make it work. "What about seducing it with other TV’s?" I asked. I know they have plenty of slim women teevees in the store. Couldn't they maybe ask some of them to coax the new teevee out of its rest? Wait. No. Don’t call the asylum. I’m sane. I swear to god, look, there’s a teevee in a bikini right now, behind you. I swear.

Anyway, they were going to deliver the replacement teevee today…. Or they were supposed to deliver it today. It’s already one o’clock and it’s still not here.

I’m only anxious because I don’t have proof that I returned a defective TV and am asking and waiting for a replacement. Having just graduated from Law, you’d think that I would have asked for greater protection (as in making a contract, and having them sign several receipts). I didn’t. If they deny that they were obliged to deliver a replacement TV, I’d be dead in the water, and with hardly any shred of evidence.

Or maybe God just wants me to panic for the Bar right now. (Where is that blasted teevee anyway?)


Blogger Kitty Litter said...

If it's any consolation, you're under "barssure". That's the special kind of pressure the bar exerts on anyone :) so good luck! You still have your sense of humor (and this was a funny post) so I suggest you take heart in that Bud Tomas finished his "Wala Lang" book during the bar. hehe. saka I think good karma will send your TV back, so in the words of Douglas Adams, "Don't panic," to which I add, "For now." :)

5:01 PM  
Anonymous duke said...

ahhhhh... that was an interesting story.

Panic is sometimes good for our system. It gives us that adrenalin rush that we all need in small dosages :)

7:24 PM  
Blogger Talang Pula said...

kitty, "barsure"! haha. can i use that? i'll credit you for coining. =)
and yup, i'm Still Not panicking. in fact, i'm seeing Da Vinci later. argh. hope it won't be as bad as the critiques.

duke, heyy, kamusta'ng trip sa Pinas? =)

1:08 PM  
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