Saturday, September 24, 2005

Horrible last two days

Shitty last two days

I had a terrible run up to the weekend.

Thursday, I went to my supervisor’s office in Makati to have my Motions signed (I’m just an intern so I need the signature of a real lawyer before I can submit any pleadings). I didn’t bring my car because I wanted to save on gas. The price of fuel is already too prohibitive, and it’s still rising. I took the train instead; and a cab after that, because I wasn’t too sure that I’d be able to locate my super’s office in time before he left for a meeting.

I reached the office, in time. It was a pretty new building. Squeaky clean. The lobby was like a hotel’s sans the bellhops. The elevator controls were all alien to me. I was used to riding ancient elevators. My super’s room had a wonderful view of the city.

After I had the pleading signed, I looked for a grocery store where I can buy my mother some food. She worked near my super’s office and I hadn’t seen her in a while so I thought I should stop by, chat, and give her a hug, if even for a few minutes. I found a store. I bought my mother chocolates, and coffees, and bread, and crackers, and tea.

After paying for the foodstuff, I hailed a cab. I didn’t want to look sweaty when I see my mom. And if I’d get to my mother’s office early, I might still have time to study for and attend my two o’clock class. After a couple of blocks, I realized that I had left my pleadings at the grocery store. In near panic, I asked the cab driver to let me off.

Now, the problem with the Makati Business District is that, except for a few spots where people could wait for buses and jeepneys, the whole sidewalk is fenced. So after alighting the cab, I was toeing the streets, inches away from the sidewalk, tempting prey for any police officer hovering nearby. I decided to climb the steel railings. Then I ran like hell for the grocery store.

My pleadings were where I left them. I breathed a sigh of relief.

After seeing my mom, I took the train. After moving a couple meters, it stopped. In the last time five times that I rode the train, for three of those times, it experienced mechanical failure. Is that normal? My friends say that it isn’t. Or rather, it’s normal when I’m riding the train. They say I should be forever disallowed from riding.

After a few minutes of waiting, we were told that we’d to walk off the train. We did. I had to walk back to the bus station, which was a good distance away.

There weren’t any buses around headed for Fairview, when I thought it was just lucky that this FX taxi with a signboard that said SM North passed by where I was waiting. I flagged it down.

There was a lot of friendly banter going on inside the cab. The driver was a man in his late twenties. There was a girl passenger seated in front. An old woman was beside me, to my left, and a teenage girl was seated at the left of the old woman.

Throughout the trip, I was just thinking that I was lucky that I happened to chance upon this FX cab. Makati to SM North isn’t a normal route. This FX was plying the route illegally by picking up passengers. And I thought it was just plain lucky that I’d to get into a cab with a lot of friendliness going around. Later on, I realized that the atmosphere, the love was genuine. The folks inside the FX must have really known each other. They were just fabricating the passenger atmosphere for my sake, so that I can be taken advantaged of. Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to be the nice guy.

I realized that my wallet was picked after I boarded a jeep going to UP. My bag was open, and my wallet wasn’t in it.

I first found my bag open after alighting from the FX cab. I didn’t think much of it then, thinking that I probably opened it whilst I was in the cab, when I was looking for money to pay the driver. After closing my bag, I opened the door of the FX for the old woman and her teenaged companion. She bumped me while getting off. Later, in the jeep I saw my bag was open.

I don’t keep money in my wallet. In fact, I think only Php20 was inside. However, I do keep my driver’s license, my ID’s, and my cards inside my wallet. Those were enough for a nascent headache I was having to evolve into a migraine attack.

Yesterday, I went to court to file the Motions I had my super sign. I brought along a book, where I keep my money, in case I needed to pay for the filing of the Motions. Wouldn’t you know it, I left my book in the court office. I realized it only while I was at the gas station later that evening. It’s a good thing my routine is that I check my money first before I have the gas filled. I couldn’t find my book. It contained, within its pages, two thousand Pesos.

Shit happens.


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Blogger LK said...

Whoa! I say you had an interesting day. I wonder who those people were inside the FX. That story would probably make the evening news. Imagine an elderly woman who's in on a con job like that. Wow! Your friend is right, you should never take public transportation. Just get rid of your SUV gas-guzzler and go get a sedan.

9:46 AM  
Blogger LK said...

Oh, I forgot to commend you for not keeping all your money in your wallet. I do the same thing. Eversince the day I lost my wallet to a pickpocket on a jeepney ride to MaSci, I vowed to never keep my money where its supposed to be kept. I keep all of it in my pants/skirt pocket. But keep it in a book? That's pure genius. Who would steal a book?

And you know what, there should be a department or a single place in Manila where all the stolen IDs that are unwanted and invaluable to thiefs, like drivers license, SSS IDs, etc., should be surrendered, anonymously without fear of reproof. That way, victims, you, wouldn't have to go through the painstaking process of applying for a replacement. What am I saying, there is such a place---Recto. I wouldn't be surprised if your drivers license has a new, better-looking, picture now attached to it.

10:01 AM  
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