Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yesterday, I was lost in thought: wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could live my life in a bubble, just floating around, and watching the world go by, insulated from world events, and happenings. Just be a Watcher?

Flubbed recit yesterday. When Prof Baviera went in for Civil Law Review, I was busy trying to arrange the assigned cases in the order that they were to be discussed. I came upon this one case which I hadn’t read? What the?!? Why did I bring this case? Is this for next meeting?

I checked the outline.

Yikes! It was assigned! And it was the first case!

I speed-read the case while the Professor was calling the roll.

“Mr. Mercado, tell the class what happened in the case of Republic v the Court of Appeals.”

Haha. My luck. I read everything, including the kitchen sink, save for one case; and I’d have to be called to recite that one case I didn’t read. The Fates, somewhere, must be laughing.

Strange thing, Fate. You don’t know whether to believe in them or not.

By our words, we do believe in them, but not completely. I think deep down, we’re all aware that whatever happens to us is mostly due to the consequences of our actions. And yet, when we want to ascribe something magical to a circumstance, we call it Fate. As in, I met my future wife because of Fate.

Or when tragedies happen, we also ascribe it to Fate, so that we justify losses, and tell ourselves that it wasn’t our fault- and so that we can help ourselves move on.
(What are we all fated to be?)


Blogger isay said...

hi talang pula - sometimes when that happens you just have to wing it... surely you'll be good at that esp. you are a law student after all. Cheers!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Duke said...

When all other reasons fail.. fate steps in. When you can't find a logical reason, fate becomes the answer. Well, that's just my two cent's.
Then again,there are people who believe solely in fate.
Mala-Serendipity ;)

6:31 PM  
Blogger Talang Pula said...

knew a namesake of yours in college. good person. she's a doctor to the provinces now, last i heard.
wing it? hay. sana nga. minsan lang talaga, when Fate step in and just steps on thought-out Plans, well, magulo na talaga. parang di mo na malaman kung anung puwede mo pang gawin. hay.
that's it! tumpak. =)

12:58 AM  
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