Thursday, January 05, 2006


Not a few things bothering me today, among of which is something I overheard.

Ganyan naman talaga ang justice system dito, eh. Pera lang nagdidikta sa hustisya. Kausapin mo’ng Executive Judge. Baka puwede niyang kausapin ‘yung mas mababa sa kanya para ayusin ang MR. Pera-pera lang ‘yan.” (That’s the way the justice system is. Money dictates what justice should be. Talk to the Executive Judge. Maybe he can convince his subordinate to grant your Motion for Reconsideration. It’s all about money.)


Granted that not a few of the judges here are corrupt. It doesn’t mean that we should all haul our asses over to the bandwagon. It is wrong wrong wrong. What we should do is ride it out. Stay the course. Follow the rules and have faith that true justice will prevail. If we’ll just go and do what everyone apparently (it’s not apparent to me) does, we’ll only be perpetuating a wrong. A Very Big Wrong. Among millions of other Wrongs that need to be made right. And you know what, if so much wrong is perpetuated, I won’t be surprised if everyone will suddenly decide to turn domestic and clean the bedpans of the people of the First World.

Ito ang bayan ko. Naaasar ako sa mga taong naninira nito.


Blogger LK said...


I heard the same misguided comment from a staff who had trouble in his dealings with Khaizz (spellcheck? the company that sells the device that supposedly diminishes fuel consumption). The contraption didn't work in his automobile and he was asking for a refund which the company refused to give. In turn they challenged him to file a complaint in court. After much contemplation he decided to back down in fear of "losing" to the big dogs. I urged him to push on with the case but he maintained that in this country he wouldn't get his day in court. Sigh!

7:39 AM  
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