Sunday, September 25, 2005

vivaldi and peace

drowning my fatigue in vivaldi. i didn't realize that making a memorandum would take me more than 48 hours and cost me a gazillion units of iq. my mind tells me i have to sleep, but i've OD'd on caffeine and my body won't let me.

or maybe it will, but not without a fight. i'm too tired to.


i dream of lazy afternoons. i'm sitting on a carpet of grass, sheltered by a big tree with wide umbrella branches. the wind is blowing.

i'm doing nothing. maybe gnawing on a blade of grass. it's dirty? it doesn't matter. i roll my pantslegs up to my knees and just watch the winds move the clouds. like sails without a ship.... there's one that looks like a ship. with a sail.

sigh. blessed sleep. take me.


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