Wednesday, December 14, 2005

in her shoes

saw In Her Shoes (diaz, collette) last night.
i initially wanted to see The Fog (welling). after all, Shoes looked for all the world like your average chick-flick. (i just wasn't in a chick-y mood.)
but then i thought, did i really want to see a movie that had for a poster a cloud with its mouth open? and did i really want to see superman in smallville fighting an earthbound cloud (with its mouth open)? i haven't seen the movie, and i probably won't- nevermind that i call myself a moviebuffwho'llseeanything- but from here, it looks like it's about a sentient cloud that eats people. maybe that's the last thing i need when i've been feeling sick lately, a bad movie that'll serve as an excuse for me to heave away.
anyway, In Her Shoes wasn't such a bad deal. in fact, it was a better deal than i expected. as long as you try to forget that cameron diaz can't act.
diaz also looks old, by the way. her wrinkles are showing, and she isn't as cute as she was in My Best Friend's Wedding (roberts, everett, mulroney). but she works, somehow. though there will be times in the movie when you'll be wondering why the producers couldn't have gotten someone younger. those times, coincidentally, are the times when the film shows closeups of maggie.
the movie is about two sisters who have nothing in common except the size of their feet. maggie (diaz) spends her days picking up men and discarding them as frequently as she's discarded by the jobs she takes. she has this fixation on trying out not a few of her sister rose's (collette) shoes, from what looked like an imelda-esque collection; even purloining them. what girl wouldn't kill for those many shoes. i would.
but it isn't just rose's shoes that maggie steals. maggie also steals rose's boyfriend, which leads rose to drive maggie away for ruining her life; and for generally making everything she (maggie) touches miserable.
but as the story progresses, it is rose (collette) who tries to fit in maggie's shoes. she walks dogs like maggie did, leaving the life of a high flying attorney behind. in the process, she rediscovers love, her own and her sister's, and their family's.


Blogger tsinkoy said...

i've always wondered how that movie was going to come out with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley McLaine in it. all bankable stars. Hmmm.... maybe I should wait on video. On my list right now of movies to watch are Brokeback Mountain, King Kong, Narnia, Rumor has it and The Dying Gaul.

9:01 PM  
Blogger tsinkoy said...

btw, I saw Toni Colette in Connie & Carla (with Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame) over the weekend on video and that was hilarious. A drag queen movie like no other. lol.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Talang Pula said...

ayuh, saw Connie and Carla too, hehe. i try to watch Everything.

haven't heard of Brokeback, though, and Gaul. where have i been? sigh.

10:00 PM  
Blogger tsinkoy said...

they're hot movies here in the US now. I don't know if they'll release it in the Philippines, and if it will pass the MTRCB review. They tackle issues and are of the homosexual theme. Big bankable stars though, Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger for Brokeback, and Peter Sarsgaard for Gaul. I think you might find the trailers on

good luck!

12:07 AM  
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