Friday, December 09, 2005

great taste

i'm writing this while i'm in the grip of vivaldi (yes, vivaldi again. i don't recall where i put my other classical cd's.). it's like being boxed in a wall of sound. my thoughts have difficulty seeping through this musical membrane.

it doesn't matter. class is still at 1400h, and i don't seem to have a lot of reading assignments, so i'm going to enjoy this for a while.

i've quietly regained my addiction to brewed coffee. not that i mind. it's just that_ it's a little bit expensive, hehe.

i say quietly because, it's not as if my addiction to caffeine went away. its always been there. i mean, i can't really function if i don't have my caffeine fix. and everyone knows that, because i tell them. this gives me at least two advantages. the first and greatest advantage is, soon as people see me in the morning, one of the first things they'll say is, "gusto mo ng coffee, Oliver?" i'll just shyly smile my assent- i won't say no- and maybe allow them to get me coffee. or i'll go with them. (i'll go with anyOne for coffee.) the second advantage is that it gives me an excuse whenever i'm incredibly shitty in the morning. and it's an automatic excuse, if you must know. i don't have to volunteer it. people will say, "ah, siguro di pa 'yan nakapagkape kaya ganyan 'yan." (i love my friends.)

where was i?

ah, slowly regaining my addiction to brewed coffee.

i find that i alternate between brewed coffee and instant coffee. i suspect that it has something to do with my being too lazy to clean the coffee machine. it's morning. i need to drink brewed coffee but the 'maker needs cleaning. Ohwell, i know i have some Great Taste (instant) here somewhere.
I look for instant coffee. and if i don't find some, i go to the store to buy some.

should i have to say that the store's a fifteen minute walk away? is that easier than cleaning my coffee maker?

so there it is. i eschew brewed coffee (aka, cleaningthecoffeemaker) for a while until my head aches- violently enough to force me to bring out brush and cleaning fluid and clean the 'maker. i was in that mood three days ago, after some couple of months believing that i could survive on instant coffee.

i can't. it's something i won't be able to do without.
of course, after washing the damn thing, i realized that i didn't have any paper filters left. i know i still have some Great Taste here somewhere....


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