Saturday, December 03, 2005

first december post!

whoa! i didn't realize that it's been a month since i last posted an entry.

december's again upon us. why does it seem like yesterday, it was still_ January? why does it seem like it was only yesterday when i last posted an entry in this blog. sigh. i guess the recurring theme for today is: "migod, wasn't it just yesterday when...?"

a few days ago, my brother shocked everyone by announcing that he was going to get married. married! that seems like such a big step. i mean, even i'm not married yet. how can he be getting married? i called my mother on the phone, telling her a dozen times how shocked i was. odel is 23; i'm 29. she replies that maybe i'm just shocked because my brother's getting married ahead of me. i tell her she's nuts. i'm Never going to get married. hah!

my brother and i have never really been close. we can't ever be, because we're so different. i love books; he doesn't. i love to have my quiet time alone; he loves to invade it. when he joined me in my apartment in makati after he started working, we treated each other like dorm mates. all of, "hi, mates," and nothing else.

oh, we'd briefly engage in a little banter. but it would only last for ten, fifteen minutes at the most, then i'd slowly close the door on him.

my brother isn't book smart, he's street smart. quite my opposite. not to say that i'm smart- smart. i only know what i do from reading books. but there you have it. where the books meet the streets, it's not always a happy place to be in. especially if both of you think the other's wrong. (but he IS.)

my brother's getting married! i'm still in shock. wasn't it just yesterday when i was still pushing him on his baby bike? (cue theme music.)



Blogger LK said...

Finally, a post, uhm, and another one, man, you're on a roll! It's good to have you back.

8:30 AM  
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