Thursday, September 29, 2005


after losing my wallet a few days ago, i now have a new school ID, a new driver's license, new cards. granted that my hair looks mussed up in all my pictures (owing to the harassing processes in procuring them), it kind of makes you wonder about life.

breathe. take a step back. see everything in relation to everything else. you lose something or somethingS, you get another or others in return. newER things. not necessarily better things but they're there, to replace the void, what was/ were lost.

that's how life is. it just IS. you get bombarded by jaded niceties like: "nothing is permanent except change," or, "when a door closes, a window opens"- or my personal favorite: when a door closes, a door opens.

that last one kind'a throws you off track, 'no? my boss said it during one of our meetings. he must have been either drunk the night before or he was still in his early morning funk and getting confused with his metaphors. whatever it was, it made a boring meeting bearable.

what was my point again?

ah. the newNess of things. filling the gaps in the void. but only if we're lucky and they get filled. otherwise, they're forever lost.

and then, sometimes_ don't you just send this wish to the High Heavens? can we keep everything we have now? or had then. you just Have to presume that that wish cannot be granted.

i don't know. why do you think the world works the way it does?


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