Friday, October 07, 2005


I’m trying to drown out the din of the world. It can all get so confusing sometimes, the noise- voices, calling you, asking you to come hither, leading you astray.

As if there was a life’s path that you can be led astray from. Like supposing that upon being born, we’re supposed to follow this one path, till life’s end. Life’s path- till death do you part.

And yet we open ourselves to the possibility that we can be led astray. From life’s path. There you go. We’re off the path. From there, where do we go? Can we get back on the path? How?

For years now, I’ve been grieving over the fact that we don’t have full control over our lives. Why must I? It’s a fact of life. It happens to you; it happens to everyone else. You plan; you think you've the rest of your life mapped out. Then everything goes down the drain in an instant.

Yet it can still astonish me- this realization that there are a dozen, a million other hands that will wreak havoc on whatever plans we have. History calls them the sister Fates. {Thus has man ascribed this loss of control to the handiwork of womenfolk who spend eternity weaving our lives. (And interweaving it with others’.)} But when it happens to us, we simply dismiss it as bad luck or a turn for the unfortunate. Sometimes, all you can do is sit still, wonder, and silently weep.

We may not know it, but the world weeps with us.


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That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »

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