Monday, October 17, 2005

monday random thoughts

trying to save today's newspapers onto my Palm. the server's slow tonight. should i still go out and watch a movie?


went to manaoag last sunday.

i accompanied lot, and her quirky friends, who i hope will Never get to read this. hah!

no, seriously, they were a blast. i've never been more comfortable with a group of strangers. plus: i didn't think it was still cool to catch early sunday mass at manaoag- whn you're coming from manila.

i woke up at the ungodly hour of 2am. we were supposed to meet up at shell, nlex at 0400.

the plan was originally to hook up by 0330; later, the group bumped it to 4am. i didn't think the whole trip would push through. not when everyone kept on messing with the schedule. soon it'll be, "let's set it to 0430." then it becomes, "let's meet at 0500." later on, someone will volunteer, "let's just meet in 2007." that's how most of my gigs turn out.

whatdoyouknow, it pushed through. and the guys even arrived at shell earlier than we did (which was at 4am). they were already eating breakfast.

re the Invite to go to pangasinan. i Just had to go. lot's a very dear friend whom i haven't seen much of; couple that with the fact that i needed time off from manila, and there you have the makings of an escape.

speaking of manila. these past couple of weeks, i go home to a subdivision covered in fog. i think, wow, it's like baguio. we've got fog! here in manila!

then i remember that manila doesn't get cold enough to Have fog. even during the Christmas season. as i step out of my car, i realize that it's not fog but smog. i gag. it's like dawn of new year's, when the firecrackers from the night before cover the metro with this dark, suffocating haze. i should wear an oxygen mask each time i step off into the streets of manila. i swear. i'm better off chain smoking.


i had my brother drop me off at jollibee, philcoa. bless his kind soul. it's difficult riding a jeep when i'm wearing my contact lenses. i'm afraid dust will get into my eyes; i'm afraid the wind will blow them off their proper places (my iris, i'm assuming). i'm afraid i'll be robbed while my contacts seek refuge in my eyelids. i imagine the cops asking me to describe the robbers while i try to make some gadawful explanation about how i hate riding in the jeeps while i'm wearing my contacts. and that i couldn't See the robbers because the wind blew the lenses off my cornea.

jollibee, philcoa is open for 24 hours. i don't know why they do it. i can't imagine there being much in the way of profit from loafers, or from those low-lifes who walk the streets of manila at midnight.

i think the original idea was for them to attract the thorng of people from the University who study late into the night.

guess what. University people don't study. and those who do are holed up in some little burrow of theirs. what self-respecting nerd would want to study in a fast food joint? they should just open round the clock once the Finals week starts creeping in. there's a University full of crammer s right at their doorstep.

at jollibee, i promptly ordered a cup of coffee while i waited for lot.

to be contnued....


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